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Taking a Toke has premiered to thousands of audience members across Massachusetts, Connecticut
and beyond. We look forward to sharing this impactful message with YOU!

Taking a Toke offers schools and organizations the flexibility to stream the documentary directly from our website. The film is hosted on Vimeo, and a one-week rental is available for $350.00, while a six-month rental is priced at $750.00. During the rental period, the film may be streamed as frequently as desired.

For presentations featuring Lori Tobin speaking and engaging in Q&A sessions alongside the film, the rental charge is $100.00 per day. Additionally, Lori's speaking and Q&A fee per presentation is $600.00. Travel expenses are an additional consideration for presentations outside the Boston South Shore area.

Taking a Toke collaborates with each school's appointed contact person to ensure a seamless and smooth presentation. Furthermore, guidance on funding options for the presentation is provided if needed.

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Upcoming Events

February 2024

Cohasset Library
February 28, 2024

March 2024

Hingham High School
March 26, 2024

Past Engagements




MARCH 2023

Montana Vaping Tour
March 27-28-29, 2023


Sunbust Schools
Shelby Schools
Chester Schools
Rudyard Schools
Conrad Schools
Valier Schools



Hull High School
November 17, 2022

Two presentations,
students & parents

MAY 2023

Hingham High School
May 17, 2023

Nantucket Schools
May 18-19, 2023


Four presentations,
3 students
& 1 parents


Cheyenne, SD
November 14-15-16, 2023


(via Zoom)

Cheyenne Eagle Butte High School
Tiospaye Topa Schools
Cheyenne Eagle Butte Junior High School


MAY 2022

Hingham High School
May 18, 2022

Two presentations,
students & parents

JUNE 2023

Colchester Schools
JUNE 1ST, 2023

Three presentations